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YEAHHHHHHHH I loved that show

Like I was enjoying it a lot as i was watching it but it wasn’t until the last few episodes that I realized just how invested I was in everyone and how well it ended

I really need to watch it again in one go so I can appreciate the general arc of the series more (there was a long break between halves because I got caught up in a lot of other stuff)

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heeyyyyy i linked this blog to the NSFW blog on the main page so you can see my crappy sex drawrings easier

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Hammer girl and Bat boy tho

Oh they’re both rad lovely hitpeople but I just really wanted to draw Hammer Girl X)

frostbite883 asked: In three words, how would you describe Nonon Jakuzure from Kill la Kill?

Most Smartass Waifu

lightdragonman1 asked: From what I've gathered, the reason WB is so reluctant to make a film involving anyone other than Batman or Superman / in anything other than the "Nolan style" is because of the fact that Green Lantern bombed at the box office. What say you on that?

yeah and it bombed at the box office because they half-assed it and it reeks of a movie that’s deeply ashamed of what it is and where it comes from and wants to go through the motions of a Generic Superhero Movie and hope it catches on while also having really visibly terrible effects and direction

The fact that the fucking GL suit isn’t even REAL says so much about the movie itself it’s kind of beautiful in its stupidity.  

And it’s not like making this universe work in a visual medium is impossible— GL:TAS is proof of that with flying colors.  In the hands of someone who gave a fuck Green Lantern could have been great but it was just a cynical attempt by WB to try and grab some of that sweet Marvel dollars by taking a stab at the multiverse thing (like fucking christ it even ends with a post-credits sequel tease for fuck’s sake)

IF Wonder Woman actually does get her own movie, it’s gonna be the same song and dance.  They’ll give it to someone looking for a paycheck who doesn’t care, the script will kill everything interesting about the character/universe, it will bomb because even though I don’t completely trust audiences they CAN smell a total dud when they see one most of the time, and then WB will be all “CLEARLY THE CHARACTER DOESN’T SELL THAT’S THE PROBLEM MORE FUCKING BATMAN”

it’s a mobius strip of self-fulfilling dumb bullshit and disappointment

Just got back from The Raid 2 and it is the most legit action movie I’ve seen in a long time
Hammer Girl tho

Just got back from The Raid 2 and it is the most legit action movie I’ve seen in a long time

Hammer Girl tho


but broo!!


but broo!!

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callistor asked: omg i love you for this blog.

aw, thank you :D

satsukiees asked: i loved your kill la kill draw :)

thank you! :D