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yeah i think the main thing was lack of depth? and also characters that had flaws and were still LOVEABLE. like sokka was super sexist but it was endearing and then he learned. but mako was like a jerk for 2 seasons idek

It’s true; the series sold itself on being ‘darker and more mature and complex’ but we ultimately got very little of that, and the characters were all of kind of flat and in service to the plot, whereas A:tlA had better characters that made the plot matter.  

It’s weird because most of LoK’s cast now is in the kind of place that I wanted them to be in back in season one, but they didn’t really develop to that point, it all just kind of *happened* because of writing and overall direction changes rather than because of character.  Like, I’m glad that Mako has managed to graduate to tolerable, but how he got there is kind of unsatisfying.

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"You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod/iPhone/iTunes/media player and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass this onto 10 people."

1. After Today - Aaron Lohr (A Goofy Movie Soundtrack)

2. Dance of Swords - aivi & surasshu (Steven Universe Soundtrack)

3. Queen of California - John Mayer

4. I’ll Be (Your Crying Shoulder) - Edwin Mcain

5. Hannah Jane - Hootie and the Blowfish

6. Don’t Panic - Coldplay

7. My Little Pony Theme - Daniel Ingram (MLP:FIM Season 1 OST)

8. EV11 Unlimited Form - Norihiko Hibino (The Wonderful 101 OST)

9. Rules of Nature (Platinum Mix) - Jamie Christopherson (MGR: Revengeance OST Vocal Tracks)

10. You Oughta Know - Alanis Morissette

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yeah, and the whole travelling thing, thats what I’ve been wanting. What kind of Avatar stays in one city forever? And then s2 just…doesnt exist to me

Yeah I didn’t realize how much I missed that aspect of the original series until it was basically absent for 2 seasons in Korra.  The problem is Republic City is a big place that could be privy to a lot of different kinds of stories if we got to actually explore it more (not unlike the Tales of Ba Sing Se episode actually), but LoK never really digs into that.  

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HERE is your Wonder Woman.

HERE is your Wonder Woman.

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…about how the fandom knows “deep down” it’s the endgame so whatever reveal there supposedly was at SDCC isn’t a surprise (I haven’t read a transcript so I don’t know if people are leaping to conclusions or not). I don’t believe in snipping other ship’s posts - I don’t like ship-wars, but the idea…

I wouldn’t be surprised if they did unfortunately but I never saw any ‘caring’ with the way he two timed both Korra and Asami, oh and he took advantage of Korra’s amnesia too.

I dunno how true this is and I’m assuming we’ll just have to wait to know for sure but I just want to put it out there that after the Makorra breakup at the end of last season when everyone was either rejoicing to high heavens or wailing and gnashing their teeth about how they were “over” that I was like “no it’s not this is one of the oldest tricks in the book”


Soi Fon and Lin bc they both cops and they both got people trashing their cities. So yeah they went for drinks and to complain about it. 


Soi Fon and Lin bc they both cops and they both got people trashing their cities. So yeah they went for drinks and to complain about it. 

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i have a few problems with book 3, but i’m KIND of ignoring them with cautious optimism so

The fact that I’m watching it as it’s coming out is the proof I’m giving it a chance— I didn’t even touch Season 2 until a while after it was done.  And to be fair it does feel like so far S3 is the season that’s doing it’s best to exemplify what I think a lot of us wanted Korra to be right off the bat; an action-driven lady-focused cartoon with good animation and inoffensive romantic subplots that don’t piledrive the pacing of the whole thing down with it.

To be fair, S3’s problems are generally smaller and of a different nature than what we’ve had in Season 1 (where they were big plot and pacing issues that compounded as we were watching) or Season 2 (where it’s just not very good overall).  Like it’s overall better paced but some of this (like the traitor in the midst subplot we’re seeing right now) feels like a thing that’s there to justify the Krew going after the Super Worst Friends when they could have come up with something else to simplify that rather than have this extra plot thread that kinda feels like it’s not going to matter when we’re 5 episodes away from the ending.  Overall it’s done better about keeping its story focused, at least.

It feels like a weaker b-season of Avatar, but it feels like Avatar.

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Oh yeah the episode this week was pretty good I really hope the villains are gonna get more proper development soon I mean they’re Cool Guys but they’re no Dangerous Ladies by a long shot at this point

Like I’m really hoping for more Personality Stuff to come out as of right now they’re all kind of just like Zahir is all LET’S TO THE THING and they’re all YEAH K like there’s been SOME of that but mmmn we’re five eps from the end it’s kinda gotta pick up

I’m in a mindset right now where I’m enjoying the eps as they happen but I’m wondering if when the dust has cleared and the season is finished I’m gonna be able to look across the whole thing and see kind of a mess rather than a connected coherent whole

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Platinum/Cviperfan OTP

Oh no it’s only a distant kind of love Platinum-sempai is 3 classy 5 me X)

I’ll shut up about Platinum when they stop being the best in their field